INTERSPORT Australia is a member owned group, currently consisting of over 50 members, of which comprises 74 stores. Globally, INTERSPORT International is an 11.6 billion Euro business in 43 countries and more than 5,560 stores, of which Intersport Australia is a subsidiary, with a $150 million business.

Our stores are independently owned & operated, with stores having full autonomy of their ordering & ranging. From Head Office there is a national range selection (Focus Range) which is published online & in relevant campaigns.

Our website consists of store fulfillment in order to ensure fast delivery to INTERSPORT customers.

Our National Store Coverage:

Overview of the product selection process:

INTERSPORT Australia product selection process starts with our 2 product committees for the following categories.

  • Footwear & Apparel Committee – 4 members

  • Hardware Committee – 4 members

Suppliers with current trading terms agreements are sent submission forms for relevant campaigns and range selections. The committee members then meet to review the submissions and ultimately make product selections.

Please fill out the new supplier enquiry form below:

      • If you are having trouble uploading images, please email [email protected] directly.

    Once this form has been completed and documents have been sent through, they will be forwarded on to the Retail Product Manager and relevant Committee for assessment.

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    INTERSPORT Australia

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